May 20, 2021

The utter failure of the war on drugs: Chasing the Scream by Johann Hari

 A thrilling and gut-wrenching history of the war on drugs. Hari shows why it failed on every level - from moral to practical, individually to societally, economically to scientifically. I've long held that prohibition is a crime of historical magnitude against the people of Latin America and deprived corners of the first world. Hari shows that the war on drugs really amounts to a war on addicts, the only real beneficiaries the narco kings, and the true cost the endless collateral chaos and murder of innocents.

Most importantly he reports the stunning evidence that addiction is overwhelmingly not a root cause but a symptom of trauma, abuse, hopelessness and loneliness, and the solution is care, connection, and support. Hari carefully documents the historical and scientific experiments and makes a careful, measured, and realistic case for a new era of sanity. If you want to build a safer, more compassionate society, and break the back of organized crime, read this book and speak your mind.

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